Energy and Utilities

Our firm is renowned for its long standing expertise in energy and utilities, gained through more than 10 year experience in working with the major participants in the Latvian Energy & Utilities sector, including on matters of electricity and natural gas market liberalization and restructuring of respective monopolies, regulatory issues, competition, state aid and other matters.


  • Legal advice to Latvian Ministry of Economy on drafting of amendments to the Energy Law on legal unbundling of natural gas monopoly
  • Legal advice to Latvenergo (state-owned electric company) during three stages of electricity market liberalization
  • Legal advice to Latvenergo and Augstsprieguma tīkli (electricity transmission system operator) on regulatory matters, including independence and asset management issues
  • Representing Latvenergo and Augstsprieguma tīkli (electricity transmission system operator) in administrative litigation related to setting of electricity transmission tariffs and final tariffs
  • Counsel to AS Latvijas Gaze in a dawn raid concerning a European Commission investigation over Gazprom contracts
  • Legal advice to Rīgas ūdens (Riga Water) in a major real estate litigation, EU funded infrastructure development projects and regulatory matters


  • Legal aspects of market liberalization
  • Unbundling of industry monopolies into a group of companies, related corporate governance matters
  • Infrastructure financing matters, including EU funds
  • Regulatory matters, including independence and tariffs
  • Competition and state aid matters
  • Dispute resolution
  • Dawn raid counsel
  • Energy supply contracts

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